The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My goals:

1) Get my yoga teacher certification. 

2) By Day 100, I WILL quit my cashier job at Whole Foods. Period. 

This means that, as well as getting more work as a yoga instructor and personal trainer, I'm going to have to step up my singing career. 

This is my game plan for accomplishing both of these goals: 

Yoga Teacher Cert

Last June, when I began the yoga teacher trainer, my studio had a branch in West Philly, 12 minutes from my house. They closed it right before Labor Day weekend and I was forced to go to the branch in Malvern, which is 20 - 25 minutes away at certain times of day, but usually an hour or so away because of traffic. That was the first challenge that slowed me down, the second challenge was that my 2014 - 2015 concert season began in September and demanded a lot of my time (in a good way!), then I had a surgery that resulted in an infected surgical wound which prevented me from exercising or practicing yoga (or sleeping on one side of my body, etc) for 2 months, THEN I got the cashier job at Whole Foods in the end of November and my life became super-hectic. I've only been able to log 5 - 8 yoga hours a month. I have about half of my hours (100 out of 200).

The Universe was trying to slow me down and I surrendered to the timing of the Universe.

But now it seems like the Universe is opening up a door for me! 

First of all, although my season officially ends in mid-June, it unofficially ended yesterday, with my final challenging concert of the season. I have one more concert, but I can practically phone it in.

The last time I practiced yoga (which was a couple weeks ago now because I just had a crazy past two weeks of incredibly challenging yet rewarding singing at a very high level), I found out some great news, which is that I can get my hours at other studios :) So, instead of having to schlep all the way out to Malvern for my hours, there's a studio 5 minutes from my house that is a Baptiste yoga affiliate and it has an introductory special of 30 days unlimited for $30!!! I'm going to wait until my singing season is officially over in mid-June when I have NOTHING on the calender (not even church!!) and I'm going to practice yoga 1-2x/day and bust out my certification.

Stepping Up My Singing Career

Although I really feel as if I am at the pinnacle of my singing career right now and the opportunities just keep getting better and better for me every season, there have been some recent changes in the Philadelphia classical music scene which directly effect me, leaving me with a lot of gaps in my season (and my income). When I first got into this career, I was very pro-active in marketing myself. Then I became the "go to" alto for a dozen or so organizations and churches/synagogues, etc, so it wasn't necessary for me to have to be so pro-active anymore. With two recent very significant changes to my roster of organizations that I regularly sing for, it's time to start being pro-active again. Not only on behalf of myself, but on behalf of my quartet, as well. 

The first step is that this week I will practice 3 songs of contrasting tempi and styles. Next week, I will record these songs with my dear friend and colleague at the piano. My 3 songs:

Bach's "Bereite dich Zion"

Faure's "Tristesse"

de Falla's "Nana"

As soon as I finish this blog, I will sing through the Bach 5 times to re-familiarize myself with the aria. The best part is, this is my favorite Bach aria ever. I feel like he composed it specifically for my voice :))))

Bach "Bereite dich Zion" 5x

And... GO!!!!!!!!

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Comment by Let there be Light on May 23, 2015 at 10:53pm

Wow, Jen...

You're on fire! I love the way you go into detail to be clear on what you want and what you're going to do to achieve the goal. I'm sending you lots of love and pro-active energies to accompany on your journey \o/.

I hope the blog gets you going and you fill in all the gaps.

Remember the heart is always with you! It will take you there. It is already there.




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