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So very Grateful for a day off yesterday. I was able to get to a full day of Yoga Teacher Training :) 6 hours towards my certification! After 3 weeks of no yoga, because I was too swamped with my singing gigs, it felt amazing! I really wanted to have an intense practice and challenge myself. I thought the 95 degree room would make my back and hamstring feel less ouch-y, but I had to take it easy, because my really intense 500 rep butt workout last Tuesday left me with a tight hamstring and a sore lower back. My practice helped to alleviate the discomfort, because I did most of the stretchy, bendy and not too much of the lunge-y, squat-y (I am ALL ABOUT adding "y"s onto everything these days). In the teacher training segment, we all got a chance to cue the rest of the class in a Sun Salute A, and my cuing was fluid, confident, and clear :)

I love me my singing career, it is so lucrative and artistically rewarding, but it feels SO GOOD now that my 2014/2015 concert/church/synagogue season is over (unofficially--- it's not fully over until mid-June) and I have the time to dedicate to my (relatively) new passion, Baptiste Power Yoga :)))))

So, that being said, I am revising one of my "to dos" that I committed to on Day 1 of this season. I had written the Day 1 blog THE DAY AFTER my big concert with my quartet and the Renaissance band, so I was all fired up about music and my singing and inspired musically. The original "to do" was to learn 3 pieces of contrasting style and tempi last week and to record them this week with a dear friend of mine at the piano at his house with my little Zoom recorder. When I proposed this to him, he suggested that we record it at a mutual friend's church because he has a fabulous piano and recording equipment set up there. You know, go all out ;-) 

So I'm going to change the timeline up. I'm not gonna lie. I could probably make this recording happen tomorrow, if I really wanted to. Because I've already worked up the rep to being performance-ready. But if I want to do this organically and in a relaxed manner, which I do, my goal is to make the recording by the end of July. I already missed audition season, because I was so focused on my already contracted performances that it just didn't occur to me until it was too late!

My 3 goals for this season are 1. to complete my Yoga Teacher Training, 2. to step up my singing career, and 3. to quit my cashier job at the Whole Foods. As of today, I put in my 2 weeks notice at the Whole Foods!!!! My last day is June 14th! YAY!

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Comment by Let there be Light on June 2, 2015 at 1:52am

I'm so happy for you, Jen!!!

ONWARD!!!! \o/

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