The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 4, Day 16 (post hurricane Sandy)

Howdy Ladies and Gents !!!

I'm alive and well, and Miss Sandy didn't afflict my family as badly as she did so many millions of others :(

All we can do is pray and send our good thoughts and vibes to those recovering and working on getting their lives back to as much normal as they can...

As for me, I've started a personal blog, as I really wanted to write a book, but I don't think I had the practice to be writing a book! I can barely keep up with posting on here ! I've missed a week of blogging on here...shame on me! But I am back and dusting myself off and picking up where I left off :)

It's amazing isn't it? I mean life, it's all our perception and reaction that creates our world...!

I have to confess that 2 days ago, the day before the hurricane, I ate 2 bagels, a muffin, 2 cereal bowls, 4 small snickers bars... all within the hour !!! boo-hoo... it was so bad as I had been so disciplined with my eating habits and I felt so disappointed in myself. But here's the thing though, I learned that because I was prohibiting myself from indulging in any tasty pleasures for my mouth; the food was calling out to me louder than before. I was wondering and reflecting how in the world I had done it the days before without once ever being tempted! I realized it was because I was doing it from my core and for a higher purpose and it wasn't about my looks or the body... interesting isn't it? So, lesson learned is that when we do things from a more conscious and deeper part of ourselves, the more successful and in alignment with the Universe our results are!

Being Authentic and True to our higher- selves whilst working on our goals = fulfillment and long-lasting change from negative habits and/or behaviors!

Thank you for reading :)

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Comment by Mona on November 1, 2012 at 12:35pm

Thank you Dyshauna !!! :D

Comment by Dyshauna Young on November 1, 2012 at 12:43am

Im glad you're ok and safe. :)


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