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I've been on vacation! I stayed home to spend alot of time with the boys. I'm going to do more fun things since this is the season to. I will be looking more into myself to see what things I'll enjoy. Since the boys been born, I wrapped my life around theirs. I will discover what things I'll enjoy for myself. I do enjoy walking at night with the kids. When we go to where they play basketball, I'll swing on the swings at the park. I forgot how I loved going on the swings when I was little : ) I'll be discovering alot of cool things to do this season and will stick with them. I know as long as I'm in my joy, life will just get better and better for me!

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Comment by Theresa Laura Morgan on July 9, 2010 at 8:10am
Thank you Edith for your wonderful comment! I appreciate it!!! I'm happy that you enjoy your time with your kids as well as your freedom when there away : )

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