The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 4, Day 5 (action vs. inaction)

Hi there beautiful beings!!!!

Happy Happy Saturday...

I got up super early to work on my script this morning... and pheweeee, i'm feeling proud of myself to staying committed and working very hard. Also, still on track with my fasting, although, I'm beginning to feel some fatigue setting in today, I have 5 more days to go... I've been so busy with working on my script this week and feels so good not to focus on food, that i forget to eat... lol My professor feels as though i'm still holding back on what I truly wish to express as he sense it ma be fear... go figure! It took me a very long time to get into the rhythm of writing for my screenwriting class, as  I am a huge procrastinator, or in other words, just shere laziness, but this past week has really been an action week for me, both physically, mentally and emotionally! I was reading this morning from an inspirational email about how we need to decipher when it's time to incubate and rest and when it's time for action. Action that leads you running around like a chicken without its head is just as unhealthy as inaction of when it's appropriate to work hard and push forward.

So, this too, I am slowly but surely am learning, that we needn't always be in motion or doing something... somtimes just being is enough and when it's time for action then we come from a place of  being, everything is  much easier  to  move with!

Thank you for reading :)

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