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what a day today! talk about both sides of the wave, each time my life gets better and better i now know to sense the both sides of the waves that i often sense in various ways, i have been so blessed lately with such amazing views and friendships and beautiful moments and goals coming clearer and closer and just plain gifts, and i want more clarity and specificness to what fulfills and satisfies me...and im getting there! today i " muscled" through some stuff, and just earlier today i was working on being in the vortex and doing that before anything else, but i " needed " to do it my way for while, and i did get a lot done, didn’t love every minute of it, i hope i wasn’t too bummed as not attract to myself unhappy scenarios, i think i was just normal, not vibrating with love, which is where i would always like to be when making choices, anyways..and once it was all done, i felt this great relief, an THEN i felt the vibration of love and gratitude by knowing so many lose ends are being tied up, just knowing that made me expand again...the up and down up and down...but as this happens i cant help but to remember that I AM a tower of layes...and maybe this is hwo i need to work through, its like learning the same lessons in every which way possible..and then finally you can do it with your hands tied behind your back....i can choose to look in two different ways, all the things i lack, or all the things that i am and that i have gained and all the beauty that is coming together for my own experience and enjoyment...that is the truth, all of this is here for my creative expression and enjoying the feeling of feeling good, and now i am expand with that even further....its unbelievable all the things that are being blended in this moment to create my perfect scenario, easy first, my job and creativity is expanding and growing and i am tackling my dreams with my manifested supporft, at the same time i am getting better at my job i have now...i have jumped and jumped again! its been awesome...i have my romantic life which as greatly improved leaps and bounds, still clarifying what it is that i need and want, and whats gonna work and whats not...details and doubts i need to clear up, but man! what freaking progress i have made! friends! they are everywhere all the time, and i am always covered with alway somethings to do and amazing wonderful people at every turn! the world is getting smaller, and all around me i love it! so thankful for tis beautiful moment!

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