The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Good morning! So last night was...interesting. It was definitely a date, it was different...Looking back on it I'm actually grateful for what happened. I was asking my higher self to bring me something amazing and adventurous. And this guy certainly was...he was kind of calling me out on how I put myself down. People aren't usually upfront about that kind of stuff and I was surprisingly not offended because I was in a good, trusting head space. So it's actually not surprising at all. I learned a lot about how I am portrayed by others. It was as I said interesing...and I'm very grateful to my higher self for bringing this to me! Thank you!! :)

Today I'm just going to work and have a chill night. Today will be a great day, i've had a good start so far. I'm expecting lots of surprises. God knows I love surprises. 

Grateful for:

1. A cool, interesting time last night

2. Meeting new people

3. my beauty

4. Trusting my higher self!

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