The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 4 (Lifestyle: Food/Selflove) Day 1 - Self love versus emotional eating

When I reflect on my relationship with food,

I know that I haven't always had the most healthy one with it.

It is no secret that people eat when it feels like another part of their life is not fulfilled.

Call it emotional eating if you will.

I really really love food though. I like to research it, prepare it, and eat it, preferably share it with people I love.

To me it is almost like magic.

You start with a couple of ingredients and create something beautiful and tasty from these ingredients.

There are two dishes I really love which would be Lasagna and Pizza. So to say, they are my comfort dishes.
I will always choose to eat one of those two when the emotional eating does get the best of me.

Earlier today I felt the kind of discomfort that could have triggered me to go for Pizza. I stopped for a moment and wondered what made me so uncomfortable. It was the noise in the house from upstairs. It makes sense that because I feel uncomfortable I want my comfort food.

Instead I ate a vegetarian stir fry, and put on a stand up comedian for me to watch.

I know that eating Pizza doesn't sound like the end of the world, but for me it can get out of hand causing me to pile on so many pounds.

So, the question I should ask myself is: - Do I want my pizza/lasagna to enjoy it?, or do I have discomfort that needs to be attended to? - 

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