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Important realization:

I noticed that whenever the house is filled with foods that aren't in particular a wise choice for me, I am too lazy to go out and get the right thing instead. 

Thus perhaps I should make sure that there are good foods in the house for me. 


I could love myself enough (despite of horrible weather),  to go out and get it anyway. Hmmm... 

I just realized this because I am at my boyfriend's house. The supermarket has: 'French week' for a theme. My French boyfriend went crazy over it of course. He got all sorts of French cheeses into the house. So, just take one guess what I had for lunch. 

In the previous blog I was talking about: emotional eating versus self love. And that I mean to ask myself the question: am I having this because I am for any reason emotionally eating? OR am I having this because I want to enjoy it once in a while. 

As I was happily munching on French cheese with some bread I felt like heaven opened it's gate and all the angels sang. Haha! 

And I decided that I just wanted to enjoy it. Then, thinking it over twice, I realized I am just too lazy to get out of the house. It's kind of a mindless choice if that makes sense. This is how I always start gaining weight in the first place, because: oh dear lord that French cheese, and tonight: oh goodie good - quiche with wine. 

And then tomorrow: I think I need an English breakfast. 

Get it? 

Sometimes I think food consumes me and not the other way around. 

Maybe in my past life I was a luxuriousness lady who only had meals that tasted like heaven. 

In my lifestyle everything should taste heavenly. Even simple things. 

Ok. well this was a whole lot of rambling, but a new insight along the way.

Have a blessed day everybody! 

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Comment by Eshaleen Prasad on August 16, 2014 at 6:25pm
I started buying fruits like mangoes, blueberries, bananas etc. and it helps on lazy days to eat well; no cooking, no cleaning. Also goes great with wine and cheese :) Adding whole foods like fruits and vegetables to every meal has really helped me adjust to eating well and loosing my belly.

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