The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I was reading my last goals of my lats season; amazing, so much wishes are fullfilled!!

Im pregnant, I have a great boy friend, my cats life together, I have big hair, Im healthy!!!

Im reallly realllly happy!!! and so gratefull!! OMG i have so much!!!

Im really happy with you co=creators, and specially Lilou, everythime she get me happy and wakes me up!!

I have her new book and im reading it (i have no money and i like it)

It gives me so much inspiration!!, thank you Lilou!!

Now I start my new season, because I want to grow more and more!

especially in my new job; I ll be my own boss! I start my own company and will coach people to a healthy and lovely life!

I ll get a lot of clients, I cant handle so much!

But I ll help them all, with so much love!!

happy 2012 to all my dear co creators, thx to all!

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