The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 5 Day 1 - A Journey into the New Year

So I remembered this website this morning and felt prompted to come and get some help with setting intentions. As I looked ahead to where 100 days would take me, I discovered that 100 days from today is January 1st! So this challenge will help me finish out the year on a more positive, uplifting, healthy note. 

I have a few areas in which I want to focus:

Recovery: I am also in a 12-step recovery program for eating disorders. It is a lifeline and has started me on a new path, for which I am very grateful. I have 60 days of "sobriety" (abstinence from compulsive food behaviors) today and I'm so glad that I put down the fork and am discovering life in a new way. My intention for this challenge is to continue in this process of recovery, being totally open, honest and willing to do whatever I need to do to maintain my sanity around food, exercise, weight, body and health. There is a phrase from the AA Big Book that asks "or did we pack what we could into the stream of life?" I want to pack good things in to the stream of life! And that starts by not numbing myself out with food, or punishing myself with unhealthy behaviors. 

Stress/Anxiety: I have made a lot of progress on this, for which I am definitely grateful! I have a job that can entail a lot of pressure, but my reaction doesn't have to be stress and anxiety. I'm learning tools to manage it when it comes on me, but I want to continue to develop a more peaceful mindset, tools to handle pressure, and to replace negative tapes in my head with positive ones. 

Work performance: I have a big work project that will take me through Thanksgiving. This is crunch time. I need to perform to the best of my ability, figure out how to handle some team issues, help my team achieve, get our work product done right and on time. Right now, I commit to doing 100% of what I can do, and leave the outcome to my Higher Power. Letting go is becoming easier for me, as is releasing perfectionism and catastrophizing. 

That is probably enough right now. For today, I seek to discover a positive, unexpected solution to a work problem, victory over stinkin' thinkin', and a sign that the Universe is for me. 

Be blessed, co-creators.

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