The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 5 - Day 1 - Nov 15 - Welcome to the first day

Hi there fellow co-creators. I've been on and off this site for a few years. Almost as far back as 2012! I always found that writing these blog posts set myself up for a great life. Posting about your long-term goals, dreams and experiences is so valuable. It totally changes the way you see things. I am using this platform to set intentions for the next 100 days. 

After going through an incredibly difficult experience over the past year, I think I'm finally ready to put myself back together and maybe even be stronger and more powerful than I was before. In the end, pain and hardships only make you stronger and I think I'm ready to give myself a second chance. 

My goals this time around are a little different. I'm more focused on my relationship to myself as opposed to how I'm seen in the world. I learned to accept myself this past year, now I'm ready to love myself.

My Goals:

1. To regain trust in my higher self - This one is most important

2. To make new friends who I can learn from and relate to and who I enjoy being around

3. To love myself and be loved by others

4. To have a body that is healthy, thriving and fit

5. To be full of energy when I wake up in the morning

6. To be in a meaningful relationship

7. To have a career in entertainment 

8. To travel somewhere exciting

I am excited to see what the next one hundred days will bring.

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