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Hello Friends -

Today went by at a comfortable pace for me. I woke up after 9am and found I didn't have any face-to-face meetings in the office so I just worked from home today. This allowed me to go to my hot yoga class in the early afternoon. I haven't been in a month and I also prefer the early afternoon or late morning classes as they aren't as packed as the other times. It was tough since I haven't been in ages, but I feel good now.

For dinner I went to a local Chinese restaurant and had some pan-fried noodles I had been craving since last night. I took my book with me (easy reading) and enjoyed some me-time.

I then came home and worked on my side-project and watched some TV. I will probably make some calls to my vendors abroad tonight and then turn in shortly. I'm almost done my book and I want to curl up in bed and finish it tonight.

I will admit that I expected "him" to call me tonight given how we left things last night, but the fact that he didn't tells me more. I deserve better and I deserve someone who deserves me. I'm not letting him effect my mood tonight and I am sure the hot yoga is helping me feel more balanced and less emotional.


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