The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 5 - Day 21: My intentions

Hello Friends,

I just realized I never set forth my intentions for this season - not verbally, not mentally and not in writing. I'm not beating myself up over it, in fact I don't think I was in the right state of mind to clearly thing through what I want out of my 100 days and I honestly don't know if I've been consciously practicing the LOA and giving it my all, and I'm already almost a quarter into the season!!

So here is what I will attract - now and forever - but I want to set my manifestations in motion as of NOW:

1) TRUE LOVE - the kind that has no expiration date and no ego. The kind that is gracious, respectful and understanding. I want to be with the man I am to spend the rest of my life with and I want it to be EASY. I want both of us to KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that our future is to be spent together and our MUTUAL NEED to secure that future with a wedding. In the next 79 days, I will have made leaps and bounds toward this.

2) REAL FRIENDS IN MY LOCAL AREA - the kind that are active and have similar interests and a similar lifestyle to me. The kind that are genuine, loyal, proactive and are generous. I want to meet new people who I can connect with, share the same sense of humor, are of a similar age to me and share a similar backround and similar priorities. I want to have friends FOR LIFE. In the next 79 days, I will have made at least a handful of new close friends.

3) REACTIVATE MY SPIRIT - It's broken and I know it. I need to have it fixed and firm. I need to STOP FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF! I need to connect with the positive force within again and find that person who was grateful for what I have, believed, dreamed and saught out and strived to feel good things. I will be more CONSCIOUS OF MY ENERGY, SET TIME ASIDE TO VISUALIZE, TAKE CONTROL OF MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS and SEND OUT POSITIVE VIBES. In the next 79 days, I will do this so well, that the first two intentions I listed above will be a piece of cake and proof of how well I am able to seize control of my vibrations.

These are my intentions for the next 79 days. Let the journey REALLY begin!!


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