The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 5 - Day 23: Visualizing my big day

Last night I stayed up until 3am finishing "Eat Pray Love" and then had trouble sleeping as my mind was fully alert, despite having had little sleep the night before. Regardless, I am so grateful to my friend who brought this book to me - I will always treasure this specific read.

As I lay in bed, I began to visualize my wedding reception. I saw myself, what I will be wearing - the beautiful outfit, gorgeous jewelry, my hair, make-up and my expression. I felt the joy in my celebrating with my most loved ones and with good friends, and of course, with "the one". I experienced the sensations of joy, love and security in knowing the search was over and a new and exciting chapter in my was beginning and that this it was perfect in every way. I have complete faith that my visualization has set in motion this manifestation and its unfolding right now. I am so grateful to the Universe for consistently delivering everything I visualize and for getting to work on this manifestation right away.

I worked from home today which allowed me to do some chores like laundry and organizing and paperwork too. I also managed to go to a hot yoga class in the early afternoon, which has left me feeling good. I am so grateful for a job where I can easily exercise the flexibility to work from home and create my own schedule. I'm also grateful to have a hot yoga class nearby where I can practice hot yoga at my leisure.

Next week, to align with my birthday, as a gift to myself, I am going to create a vision board. I haven't done one in years. I have created a bulletin board on a couple of walls in my bedroom and am considering creating the vision board/mosaic there, although I'm not decided yet. I already know some of the things that will be on it - I feel good just thinking about these things. I'm grateful to myself for knowing what I want and for loving myself enough to consciously create all of these desires for myself and my ongoing happiness.

I spoke to my Dad briefly tonight. My parents are so wonderful - they are great souls - always so caring and always check-up on me. I am so grateful to have such amazing parents.


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Comment by Chenelle on June 5, 2010 at 8:15pm
Hiya, i loved EPL and it also had me inspired after reading it. Great Also luv your account of your visualization!!
Comment by Natalie on June 4, 2010 at 11:28am
Sounds like a wonderful day.
Comment by V on June 4, 2010 at 5:37am
Awesome! There u go - ur wedding would be a huge part of ur vision brd I guess. I have been wanting to read that book too, but seems like wud end up watching the movie now since I m not much of a reader. How bt the songs that you wud like to be played on ur wedding party? Why not listen to them too to get the feel of the Big Day?

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