The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 5 - Day 29 to 33: Work and play

Last week went by pretty fast - work was somewhat busy and I was pretty tired all week so I kept waking up late. I suppose that is because I had plans every evening. Wednesday evening I went to a goodbye drinks thing at a restaurant near my place and met a friend (and her friend) for dinner there too. It was nice to meet someone new...

Thursday I went to hot yoga after work and relaxed in the evening and Friday I left work early as I had to deal with a crisis with my energy company who had come to shut off my energy the day before - all because of a big mistake they had on their end where they had recorded the wrong house number on their system so I have been paying someone else's energy bill all this time!! I was really lucky I got called instead of being without electricity and I got it all sorted out in the end.

Also, on Thursday, I scheduled a few days off this week (and early next) and decided to meet another friend (and her friend) who are doing a roadtrip up the west coast in SF and join them for part of their roadtrip. I am excited for that and really need a vacation so I'm glad I'm doing it.

Friday evening I took it easy and stayed home and Saturday I met up with a girlfriend during the day - it was a beautiful day and we ended up doing lunch and window shopping. Then I met up with another girlfriend in the evening and we went for a long walk in the park and she came over to hang out for a bit. She didn't end up leaving until around 1am and I was pretty tired so I went to bed soon after.

Today I spent most of the day in front of the TV - snacking and working on my side project/business.

For this week, I will get a lot of work on my side business done, make a lot of progress and work will be pretty easy and low maintenance. I will also manage to get into a great workout routine, making it to the gym or hot yoga Monday to Wednesday and maintaining my active exercise routine when I go to SF and beyond.

I am so grateful for great girlfriends, reliable and loyal. I'm grateful for my wonderful family. I'm also grateful for the monetary freedom I have to go on trips at short notice and for a job that pays so well but allows me the flexibility and time to pursue external interests.

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