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Hello co-creators! I can now officially tell you all that I quit my old job and I am starting a new one where I am working for home, making double, nearly triple my previous income! I have to thank my wonderful partner, listening to Abraham Hicks, my new company and of course myself for this new wonderful change in my life. I have been focusing in on the law of attraction, and I just could no longer tolerate my previous job. I have been able now to magically manifest a wonderful new job where I will actually be working right out of my home! This new job will allow me to have more financial freedom, more time with family & friends, and of course more knowledge in a rewarding career experience. I am now taking charge in my life and it feels wonderful!
I have been undertaking a challenge to manifest one thing a week... so far I have been exceeding that goal.
1. A New laptop with my job- if you go back to my season 3 goals : you will see I was trying to manifest a new PC. I was not in a proper alignment or happiness then to manifest all I desired, although it was a progressive season. Well I got news today that a new laptop is being ordered for me for my new job, which is just so awesome!
2. This new job... I marked last monday as a special day on my calendar when I first recieved it.. and that was the day I found out I would be getting my new job. It wasn't completely confirmed until Friday, but that Monday was the day I knew.
3. When I went to my Mustang club meeting on Thursday, I was very excited that my club would be hosting the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour as they stopped over in Birmingham. If I volunteered, I would get to be an official part of the cruise. My father and I have been reading this magazine for years, and I thought it would be so cool to maybe even be featured in the magazine. On Saturday, my mustang club journeyed to Tulepo, MS for a Mustang Cruise In at the Tupleo Automobile Museum. The Mustang Club of America was over there (MCA) and they had some magazines on the table. I opened up the magazine showcasing the 45th Mustang Anniversary celeberation we hosted last year, and right in the center was a group photo of my club at the event, a huge 2 page right in the middle! Oh and I was actually right in the center of the picture!! There I was, in a matter of days I manifested myself in the middle of a car magazine! On top of that, I asked the guy how much the magazine cost, and he said it was free!

Now let's update my status on my Season 5 Goals since I am 75% through
Goals for the 100 days
1. Get a raise at my job. I have a number in my head I am looking for,
and I will reach it
*Did better, got a new job for an amazing income, work at home!
2. Develop a loving, caring relationship with my mind body and spirit.
* This is actually developing VERY nicely since I have been getting into Abraham Hicks
3. Start a developed constant savings plan
* I am a bit better at savings but this will kick in more now with my new job
4. I will play lots of video games, exploring my passions to the fullest
* I used to play some video games and leave them sitting, never completing them. So far I have completed 5 games this year, I am proud to say, and that number will keep growing.
5. I will have a healthier diet and a generally healthier lifestyle
* I have done some dieting and I have actually lost about 10 pounds but I have not been living a healthy lifestyle lately so my weight fluctuates. I will be getting back into this.
6. I will be an overwhelming source of positive thoughts and feelings
* This is also developing. It is not always overwhelming but at times I am just flooding and rampaging with positivity!
7. Read more books.
* Unfortunately all I have done so far is complete the Golden Compass, but I will be cracking on this as well.

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Comment by the Phenomenal Lauren G on March 16, 2010 at 1:12am
Awesome how you are manifesting. Awesome. You are great!
Comment by brandy ryan on March 15, 2010 at 7:08pm
so awesome!!!!! thankyou so much for sharing. I will think of you in my creative moments :)


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