The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I haven't added a blog in awhile. I was enjoying this journey even though I haven't been going out in awhile. I've connected with people and learned alot of the world including myself. I'm very thankful for the connections I've made with others within this little bit of time. My plan is to have alot of fun with the boys come up for Christmas vacation this Friday. I'm planning on going to see The Nutcracker which I haven't seen since I was a little girl! I guess I'll go by myself and enjoy I'm really excited! I'm trying to find a balance between going out, putting time into my business and other responsibilities. I'm happy where I'm am at life and I'm thanking my guardian angel and spirit guides for protecting and watching over me! My goal is to find other things that will be fun to do, stay happy and joyful because I will definitely get whatever I desire if I'm in the vortex.

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Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on December 13, 2010 at 6:32pm

I wasn't blogging much either. Have a great time seeing The Nutcracker :)))

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