The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 5 - Day 8: Ebbs and flows...

Hello friends,

As I write I'm feeling rather blue. It's funny how your day can be going just fine and then the slightest thing happens (in my case an email announcement from work) that can make your jaws clench, your heart sink and tears spring to your eyes. Well - its funny how that can happen to me - or rather just did.

I've been in a rut at work - my organization doesn't appreciate me and hasn't for the last year, despite my hard work and successes for the business. I was passed up for two promotions that were promised to me. I've had management turnover and feel really exploited. I know I should just be grateful to have a job right now seeing as many are unemployed, and I know I get paid relatively well to others, but not so when I compare my role to others in my org.

In this email I found out I got passed up for a promotion and it was instead given to someone I've considered a threat to me (and my relationship) on a personal level. I wonder if its a sign and frankly I feel like a real loser. I even helped this person get the job a long time back. Apparently I'm not experiencing good karma from my act of kindness.

Does anyone have any advice on how to think about this and turn my negative feelings that are making going into work everyday feel unbearable into positive ones that will drive the outcomes of what I'd like to attract to my life? I feel really stuck.

Thanks in advance,


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Comment by Love Life on May 20, 2010 at 1:59am
Dear PJ:

When I read this it felt like I was reading my story...because something almost exactly the same happened to me. Except, back then I didn't know about CCOR...and like you I had no clue of what to do. Eventually I was laid off because supposedly they couldn't afford me any longer. But prior to that I just knew that it would happen because I was not comfortable there anymore, nor did I really care any longer.

My advice would be to talk to higher management about how you feel. And that if there is something they don't like about how you're working than they should let you know so you could improve.

Another suggestion is to follow THE SECRET. Remember the part where the gay man was being harassed all the time at work?? Well he was told to change this to have affirmations & visualizations of "what he does want." So perhaps you could do the same?? Sending out positive vibes can help too.

Or perhaps this is the Universe telling you to get out of the company. That perhaps you can do something greater than this, and perhaps by moving on you will meet new friends, and build a greater future??

I don't know, but what I do know is how you're feeling because this kind of situation happened to me. It was strange though that even as much as I tried to put forward a positive energy/spirit.......something negative just bounced back. So when I look back in my life, I think it really was the Universe/God telling me that this wasn't where I belonged any longer......and that everything happens for a reason. I didn't know it then, but I do know now that I want to go back to college to study for another I guess it was a way to get me to step out of my comfort zone to open my eyes to something better!!

Hope this helps, and here's some big (((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))!!

Much blessings,

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