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Hello Co-creators,

Today was OK - I woke up on a low but managed to climb myself into equilibrium.

Work went by fast, which was good.I really only went in for a couple of hours and worked from home the rest of the time, so that helped.

I got a call from a close friend in London and she really helped me get some perspective on things. I haven't spoken to her since last year so it was so great to catch up. I also spoke with another good friend from Toronto who also gave me some good perspective. I'm really grateful for such wonderful girlfriends and I will find more that I can relate to and have close friendships with here in Seattle.

I also spoke with my loving family this evening. I'm so lucky and grateful to have them.

I enjoyed some me time in the evening. I ate, watched TV, did some work on my side project and searched for some stuff online. I don't know where the evening went!

I feel good things are coming my way. I'm vibrating energy that is attracting these wonderful things to me. I know all my dreams, hopes and desires are unfolding and I feel like they already have manifested because I cam taste them, feel them, see them and hold them when I close my eyes. I'm so lucky that I have and will continue to receive everything I desire in this lifetime because I have learned how to attract these things to me. I live in abundance and joy - I am conscious of and appreciate the simple pleasures of this life. I am whole as I am and life is only continuing to get better for me.

I love life just the way it is because I've chosen it to be this way and I only choose to have wonderful things in my life.

Good night!


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Comment by Zara on May 21, 2010 at 8:32pm
Hi PJ, it is great your feeling positive. I've also been waking on a low these last few days, probably partly because of lack of sleep! I like to turn things around through out the day and remind myself things are great. I'm going start my next season on Sunday as I really need to get on track with the LoA as its vital now, I've done so well but need to be more positive. Chenelle will be starting another season too so it will be great with both of you here. It wasn't the same on my last season without you:)

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