The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 5 - Days 24 to 26: Fillin' up

The weekend went by extremely fast. After work on Friday, I spent most of the evening cleaning-up my place in arrival for the visit from my sister's family. They arrived around 10 in the evening and I worked on cleaning out my place right up until then, although I had some welcome distractions by way of phone calls with friends in between. I got to spend some time with them that evening which was nice and they really liked my new place.

Saturday, we went to the zoo and had fun. The weather was quite nice - sunny - which made it all the better. After that, my niece threw up so we had to cancel all of the plans for the rest of the evening and headed home early. We had some snacky food for dinner and once the kids were down, I made plans to go out with him and some friends.

We ended up going to a few bars downtown and it was a good laugh. However I didn't get much sleep and was pretty tired today. We went to get some mani/pedis, then lunch and finally shopping. I wish I had a chance to do a few more things I would have liked to do with my family, but they left earlier than they originally intended to, so I didn't get that time. It was intended to be a celebration for my birthday, yet somehow we managed to do only those things my sister wanted to do. This generally a pattern with her - as much as I love her - she can be quite self-centered. Having said that, I'm still incredibly grateful for such a loving family.

Around midnight, "he" surprised me by showing up with some cake and flowers. He hung around for a couple of hours and helped me with the cake. It was really sweet and I'm grateful for the sweet gesture and indication that he cares.

I'm pretty exhausted so I'm off to bed now...

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