The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 6 - Day 100 - Excited about my future. *BIG Smile*

Woooo, *Does allsorts of OLD SCHOOL DANCE MOVES, then goes into the 'Whip My Hair' dance* LMAO

I don't have much to say about this Season 6, I achieved alot, I've learned alot more & I'm still getting 'it' that much more. I felt alignment alot more often, I've grown more, I appericated ALOT more. I am grateful that I am able to finish a 6th Season! - I definately feel like I've been making great progress and I've grown ALOT!!!

Right now I'm learning not to focus to much on the past, which is why I'm reaaallly excited about the FUTURE. I can feel a whoooole lot of greatness brewing for my future & I'm looking for to it all. Just going with the flow & enjoying life. I can feel that everything I take part in for 2011 will amount to GREATNESS. (And I feel alignment while typing this. YESSSS THANK YOU!!!)

Thorough out my Season 6 I have made sure I show my gratitude for everything as much as possible (as I usually do, but more concious). I'm reaaaally grateful for being a concious manifestor. I enjoy being aware of what I want & then seeing it right in front of me. Feels greaaaat!!! :o)

I am also SUPER grateful for my brother. He has done soooo much for me in the past particularly in this Season 6 too, but the one thing I've enjoyed most about bonding with my brother is the friendship that we have built. We've become ALOT more closer, espeically as hes on this 'journey' of concious manifestating with me too (although hes not doing the 100day challenge) .

So with him flowing, manifesting, results showing up for him & him encouraging me, this has encouraged me to think bigger & for me to BELIEVE more and HARDER that the power is WITHIN ME. Not sure if he'll truely understand exactly how appericative I am of him in my life & how much he is actually helping me. I feel like it may have taken me just abit long for things to 'click' for me if he wasnt for him there cheering me on and reminding me that I AM capable. And I do my best to try & keep him on track also!!! :o)

I must say I have had a greaaat year, ALOT of things have worked out in my favour (As they always do AND should do). And even the things that didnt, my focus didnt take long to shift from whatever it was I THOUGHT I was missing.

I'm probably not gonna do my Season 7 until next month. BUT I will continue to go on like I'm still doing a season!

Positivity to ALL.

Thank You Universe for continuously answering my requests!!!

Kay. :o) xxxxxxxx

AFFIRMATION FOR TODAY: I will continue to remind myself that I am POWERFUL and MAGICAL in MY manifesting. - I feels GOOD to feel GOOD!!! :o)

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Comment by Blossoming Beauty on December 10, 2010 at 9:13am

WHOOO WHOO for you completing 6 Season!! WOW, how wonderful is that!!!!!  Thanks for the inspiration to keep on keeping on...and to remain focused on be concious of gratitude.

HUGGLIES to you Kay.


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