The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 6 Day 100- Recap and preparing for Season 7!

6 Seasons have come and gone. It has now been two years since I have first joined this site, and what a journey it has been. I have learned to appreciate life and ride it through all the challenges and good times. This season I had to face some major hurdles but the season ended on a most optimistic note as I start a new chapter on my life. Now to recount my goals and reflect upon them:

1. Approach life with an open heart: I will be very open and receptive to everything in life. I will approach things with love and enthusiasm, as if I was feeling it all for the first time. I was put on this Earth to enjoy it, feel and love. By doing this my personal relationships will grow, and my loved ones will experience the true me.
I feel I did very well with this goal. My life has gotten a lot better, my personal relationships have improved and I have begun to really enjoy life. I am of course going to pursue this progress in the coming days.

2. Work my body into a healthy state: I am going to enjoy eating, however, I am going to eat less and eat more healthy foods. I will try and eat more organic foods to show my respect for the animals and plants that nourish me. Thanks to the new Pokewalker, I will keep track of my daily steps. I read it was healthy to have at least 6000 steps in your day so I am going to work for that goal. I also want to bring my weight down to 150 pounds, but at the same time concentrate on gaining more muscle. I also plan to do the WiiFit everyday, and doing a full workout on it at least 4 times a week.
-I had fallen through on this one. I started off with decent exercise but lost my way with some challenges that arose in my life. I am definatley going to repeat this goal for the next challenge, and I will be losing that weight. I did get as low as 153 at one point, but I went back up to my previous weight.

3. Follow the teachings of Abraham: I will become an enthusiastic student of the Law of Attraction. I will start with "How to Change your Life in 30 days" as well as reading the books, listening to audio books, listening to seminars and watching inspirational videos on youtube and CCOR.
- I did continue to listen to Abraham and find inspiration where i coudl, but not as often as I would have liked, resulting in my being out of alignment too often. I did not finish the 30 day workbook, but I may give that another shot.

4. Logging my growth: I will continue to post on 100 day challenge, at least 3 blogs a week. I also intend to start making video blogs to communicate my experiences and inspire others. This video will happen at least twice a week. I will start writing down more in a personal written journal, as well as writing my manifestations in my manifestation blog.
-I did have a break in my blogging but started keeping up with it again recently. I did not do one video blog, and I think I may change that for the next season. I am not going to promise anything, but do it casually and light hearted. I do want to keep up with my journaling here.

5. Become the man I always wanted to be: I intend to take more personal time to myself to learn who I am, to grow my interests/passions and just enjoy being me. My identity will grow into a strong presence that everyone will want to be around, especially the ones I love most. These personal activities can include any of my hobbies, which are subject to shift and change as I discover more of who I am.
-YES! This one has been reached and I am really falling into place with my hobbies and myself. My passion for video games and Blizzard is growing. I have manifested Burning Cursade World of Warcraft Collector's Editions as well as some wonderful gifts from my best friend to add to my growing collection.

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