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Another less than ideal day full of chaos lol. After reading back on my previous post it feel so overwhelming and negative. And I woke up today in a less than ideal mood.

However I'm just going to put it down to being a little burnt out right now. I'm heading to the docs tomorrow to sort out my anaemia issues and get onto some sort of contraception. I had a few dizzy spells so I really need to address a few things health wise to align myself with my "healthier me" intent.

I worked out my weeks meal plan. It can be challenging when feeding a family of 8. Yes I said 8 lol. My sister and her hubby, my sisters homeless friend, myself, my partner and our two babies and my 19yr old son.

So tonight was chicken wraps. Nice salad and some low fat feta cheese, was lite and tasty. I start on my nicotine patches tomorrow along with my son. Looking forward to winding this habit down. My goal is to save up enough to get hypnotherapy to fully kick it.

Got some great news from my son. The employment agency he's with said that they should have an interview lined up for him in a couple of weeks AND he sits his forklift licence next week.

I'm feeling more optimistic tonight and although I'm a little tired I'm going to get the floors cleaned and take a hot shower now my babies are all sleeping. Or maybe I'll just sleep lol.

I've started my new book series and should have the first book read by the end of the week. The book isn't looking too promising so far, I'm hoping it will pick up though.

Other than that I'm looking forward to closing off some circles to ensure I am putting my full energy into my intentions.

Now it's off to bed for me all

May u have abundance in abundance


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