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Season 6 - Day 31 - Happy 2nd CoCreative Birthday (Anniversary) to Me & My Journey :o) - 01/10/10

2 Years ago today was when I started my 1st Season. Yaaaaay *Does alittle UNNAMED dance* LMAO

How I found this lovely site was through Lilou & another participant named Vibe, I had read 'The Secret' and I knew there was more to it that what was in the book, so whilst surfing around on YouTube, I came across Lilou 1st. Then I came to the site & I said if this was meant to be, this site will come back to me. (Not really understanding LOA fully LOL). Then I came across Vibes videos & I thought hmmm, this must be a sign. Then I came across ANOTHER one of Lilou's videos and I subscribed & I was like. OK, you've gotta do this!!!

At the time Lilou was doing her usual promoting of the next season she was gonna do & inviting others to take part. I'm glad I took part bcoz I'm not sure I would have grown this much in this amount of time without (just) the reminder of this site. Let alone the encouragement from others, practising myself to have a routine in order to snap myself out of my old habits. Interacting with others on here, thinking if I’m giving advice to others I’ve atleast got to ‘practise what I preach’ so to speak. LOL

At 1st I was still abit apprehensive bcoz I think the word "challenge" made me think, if you dont live up to what you commit or set as your intentions then I'm a failure. Here I am on my 6th Season with that thought looooooong behind me. LOL, going with the flow, enjoying my journey!!! Changing my thought patterns more & more, day by day! *Woooo*

I've never really been good with sticking to something, but this site sees me very often. Even if I dont type anything, I still come & have a look. :o)

Oh how I've grown... so much so that when I think back to my thought patterns back then to how I am (still changing) now its phenomenal.

I just wanted to celebrate this day & document my thoughts/progress!!!

So happy birthday to this journey Heres to more & beyond *puts plastic cup with juice in the air* LOL

My intention for my future:

To be happy

Live my life flowing downstream

Experience, give & be LOVE

Continue to be a greatful being

Feel good as often as possible

Easily manifesting what I want

An EASY life

Reminding myself that NOW is my point of attract & NOW is all that matters

I’m STILL a work in progress!!! – I look forward to learning more, be more, enjoying being ME more, laughing more, LOVING more, progressing more… Just more of eveeeeeerything GOOD & positive.

I love this journey & I love MY LIFE!!!

I am forever a grateful being… Thank You Universe.

Kay :o) xxxxxxxxx

AFFORMANTION FOR TODAY: I am a powerful creator.

PS: I’m aware that seeing ones is significant to my life. So being that today is the 1st Oct (11th Month) ’10 I also haaaad to mark this beautiful occasion. *Big smile*

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Comment by girlieaccountant on October 27, 2010 at 5:57am
Wow, season 6! congratulations to the 2nd birthday of your journey :) - your enthusiasm is jumping off the screen at me and makes me smile, very inspiring, thank you :)
Comment by Blossoming Beauty on October 2, 2010 at 10:39am
Happy Co-Creative Birthday to YOUUUUUU!!!


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