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Season 7.....8/12/ we go :)

So I'm beginning this new season not only to cocreate what I want but also to shift my energy. The past few weeks (since my last season ended) have been an emotional roller coaster. I got a new job (which I start on August 30th) so I will now have 2 jobs and thankfully more income. I turned 34 and had a wonderful time celebrating my bday in cancun.

But I have also been financially strapped. I seem to owe everybody and have no money in the bank at the moment. And the relationship that I thought was going to be something meaningful turned out to be just the opposite. I thought I was manifesting a healthy relationship when in fact I manifested a man who made me feel bad about myself.

So I figured it's time to dust myself off and get back to focusing on what I want. (1) I want to lose weight. And not just lose weight, but keep it off. I want a combination of losing weight and increasing my version of a healthy lifestyle (ie better eating choices, more frequent exercising, etc). To do so, I am starting a 6 week arm sculpting program by JJ Virgin and also doing the detox diet by JJ Virgin (which ultimately makes me feel better). (2) I want to start saving money for my condo in W. Hollywood so I want to get my finances in order so I can start saving for that condo. (3) I want to get enrolled in a course that will help me get closer to creating my nonprofit (4) And I want to be happy every day. Happy to me means being unaffected by life stressors and not allowing the stresses of life to pollute my positive energy.

So thank you in advance for helping me cocreate :)

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Comment by Nikki on November 11, 2013 at 5:41pm

Day 92 - 11/11/13: Less than 10 days left for my 100 day challenge and things are pretty good. I am LOVING my new job and am making a lot of good connections at work. I have officially ended things with the man I was dating. I had to end things in order for things to get better for me because his negative energy was tearing me down. I'm powering through my new schooling and loving it. I haven't gotten back to doing the JJ Virgin diet, but have started working out again. I am going to start my next challenge on thanksgiving day as a means to stay focused on things to be grateful for. What I want to end this challenge on (and enter into my new challenge with) is being grateful for what I have and to manifest a romantic relationship. School and work and even my health are all improving and I am definitely thankful for that. But in order to lessen my angst about not having a boyfriend, I need to focus on the love I do have and how to attract even more love.

Comment by Nikki on October 5, 2013 at 6:33pm

Day 55 of my cocreating season and things are kinda strange. The good things are i am in a new certificate program that will help me in my overall career goals and I am starting a new job on Monday at a place I have been wanting for work for at least 6 months. The "so-so"/"not-so-good" things are that I cannot seem to get ahold of my eating habits because I have been eating a LOT of junk-food as of late  (and I stopped doing the JJ Virgin 6 week arm workout) and I'm assuming it is because I am also still struggling financially (which my new job will hopefully remedy) but...stress makes me eat so there it lies. And I'm also having issues with the man that I am kinda dating. A few days ago we seemed to reach an impasse on what it is that we both want out of a relationship and now I'm considering cutting my ties with him before I get any further invested in this semi-relationship. So, right now, I'm on a break from at school and I just wanted to journal so I can focus my attention towards what it is that is working and to seek ways to refocus my energy on the weight loss/better health goals for this season as well as celebrate the fact that I already have found a course that will help me get closer to my dream of creating a nonprofit and I have made a budget that will help me get my finances in order so I can start saving for my condo. Although I had not intended to focus on a romantic relationship for this season, I do want to attract a man to me that is going to be supportive during this busy time 

Comment by Nikki on September 14, 2013 at 12:32am
Day 33 on Friday the 13th. I'm feeling pretty good so far during this new season. I was officially admitted to a certificate program to study the psychology of trauma which will help with my career. I am still waiting to get started at my new job but things are moving along nicely. In my ideal situation, I would like to start my new job on September 23rd and I would like to get my financial aid for my schooling sometime within the next week. I have been struggling somewhat with the healthy eating but I went to Bikram yoga today and am planning to get back on the JJ Virgin diet starting tomorrow. I love Friday the 13th because things often go very well for me on these days so I'm going to start visualizing and manifesting my destiny :)


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