The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I made it through another 100 days! My Season 8 is going to begin tomorrow. I have been reading and trying to finish "How to get everyone in the same boat", a leadership book and it has been giving me a new inspiration. I am a man of integrity, seeing things through to the end and finishing them. Problem being I have not been living up to my own standards. Next season, I am going to focus on Integrity and make it my main goal. Now for a review of my season 7, my original goals and how I did:

1. Healthy Mind Body and Soul - Basics first right? I want to get my weight down to 150, have a regular exercise schedule, a healthier diet and more tone to my body. Mentally I need to meditate, keep everything organize, see everything in life as obtainable as long as I take the simply consumable steps. NOTHING is hard, it is only your mind that over-complicates things, so get yourself into control! I am going to continue to nourish my soul with everything that makes me feel good and makes me feel me. I am not to forget myself, I need to focus on myself and by doing this my healthy soul will vibrate and radiate out to my loved ones.

My body has not done too well this season. I have gained all the weight back that I lost earlier in the year and then some. While not at my worst weight, I am not pleased with my current physical health and I plan to improve it over the next season. Spiritually, I have been doing more meditation and finding my own spirituality. In that respect, this season has been a huge success. I have been really finding myself and I feel I have a great direction now, thanks to my connection with spirits and Shamanism. I have been exploring more of what makes me feel good but this is something else that could use some improvement on the next season.

2. Improve my time usage- Time can be too easily lost into a vacuum. I can spend so much time spinning my wheels on a bug in my projects or just sitting around idly in Silvermoon City or Dalaran in World of Warcraft. Time is sacred and it needs to be utilized to its full potential.

I did very well on my time usage this season. Yes I still had time sucked up and days merging into others, but recently I have been getting into online task management with Remember the Milk and "Goal for it", two amazing programs that make me excited to keep track of my tasks. In fact now I HAVE to use these systems to get a lot done, and it is amazing how much I can do. I am going to continue with this momentum into my next season.

3. Finish Les Miserables - This book is great.... and this book is huge. A 1500 page paperback epic. I am going to complete this book not just for enjoyment, but as an example that nothing is as big as you make it.

OK This did not happen. I lost the book, but I did complete another entire book on an introduction to Shamanism and I am about to complete my book on business leadership tonight. I have more books on business and Shamanism I plan to read for my future so I will keep this up.

4. Elevate my personal relationships - There are some valuable people that share this life with me, and as my soul becomes more healthy, I want to improve my different bonds with them.

I do think my personal relationships have been improving. Life is not without its conflicts but overall my bonds have been getting better and I am looking forward to building some nice memories together with everyone as the holiday season begins.

5. Be an active positive force - I will be much more active on this page, posting at least something every few days so that I can watch my progress. I want to record my manifestations and syncrhonicities. (Recently while feeling homesick, Sweet home Alabama started playing on the jukebox in Starcraft 2)

I have been doing better this season with staying active on the blog. There were times were days would slip by without anything, but now I am going to be writing EVERYDAY and I love it. Being a positive force has been my biggest success this season. I will never ever forget how I went from the hopeless feeling of losing my car and means of transportation (and identity) to instantly manifesting the means to pay off my car loan and call my Mustang my own for the first time. I have also been having more syncrhonicities happen to me in tune with whatever I was doing!

Now tomorrow is going to begin Season 8, my Season of Integrity. I will of course keep up with these other goals I have been focusing on in my previous season, but just as Lilou had a season dedicated to an Open Heart, this will be my Season of Integrity. My words have meaning and gravity, and when I say I will do something, I will get it done.

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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on November 8, 2010 at 7:23pm
Wow thanks a lot for the outpouring of support everyone. I am really proud to have made it through seven seasons and I am going full force into my 8th season now.
Comment by Blossoming Beauty on November 8, 2010 at 12:45pm
Congrats on completing 7 Seasons! What a blessing!!!!! Love the last paragraph especially....Season of Integrity...mmmm love that. Thanks for sharing with us..and much success in your Season 8.
Comment by Nicole Bedard on November 8, 2010 at 12:31pm
CONGRATS on your day 100 David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had a great season indeed, filled with sucesses and improvements just as Josie stated. WOW 700 days of applying the law of attraction! way to go!
Comment by Niki L. on November 8, 2010 at 12:16am
Woohoo! 100 days on the 7th season, none the less. Wow. It sounds like to have reaped many rewards in your 100 day travels. I like how your broke down the 5 goals: Intention to results. I'm might borrow that format (or not) when my 100th day comes.

I hope you are excited about your 8th season. ♫Go David, go David, go David.♫ Be the Prince that you are.
Comment by Janet Charette on November 7, 2010 at 11:57pm
Good call for your next challenge....
That was my first big breakthrough... especially keeping promises to myself...
All the best......


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