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I awoke yesterday morning with a sinking feeling in my heart. I checked outside my window and to my dismay my car was gone. I knew I was late on my car payments. I had tried to call the day before, which was a Sunday, to no avail. I called the car loan and found out my car was repossessed and that they would not release my car to me unless I paid the full amount of the loan that was owed (over $13,000!!!). I have paid for over half of the loan already but it was still a significant amount that I could not pay on my own. I felt my world collapsing. How could I not have been more responsible with my payments. Why didn't I finish filling out the automatic payment paperwork? How am I going to get around with no car? How can I afford to pay for a new car? My identity was now smashed, I could no longer really be a proud member of the local Mustang club. I felt like I had nothing left. I was trapped and there was absolutely nothing I could do. My car was to be sold at an auction if I didn't pay right away. This left me with a sinking feeling of hopelessness and pressed for time.

But this is where the power of attraction comes in. Once I calmed down, I started to just visualize having this car be mine again. There had to be a way. I had an idea, not one that was most ideal, but it just might work. I called my father and explained to him my current situation. To my amazement, he understood and was going to help me by actually paying the FULL AMOUNT of the money owed for the car. All of a sudden, everything completely turned around on me! Now instead of being enslaved to these payments to the bank, fearing that my car would be repossessed if I missed another payment, or having my car completely lost, this car would now completely belong to me! I now just have to pay my father monthly, but no longer will I live in fear. It took a lot of hassle the rest of the day to get my car back, but I did manage to drive my Mustang home the very same day! Once I took hold of the wheel and put the car into first gear, pulling out of the parking lot and hearing that V-8 engine roar, I felt a joy I never felt while driving this car. This was MY Mustang. The debt was paid off to the bank, and I would never have the fear of losing my car again!

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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on November 3, 2010 at 6:07pm
Thanks so much everyone! I am feeling so much happier and myself ever since I got my car back. Everything is in a much better flow.
Comment by Nicole Bedard on November 3, 2010 at 1:00pm
WOW!!! That is ... just mind blowing PD!!!! You are quite the powerful manifestor- you manifested $13,000 in like... nothing flat and turned your situation around with LoA and just your intentions- I needed to hear something like this today!!! You rock!!!! I am so giddy and happy for you!!!! :D


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