The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 7 ends - progress and challenges

This season was really a scary one :)

Many things happened here.

I was laid off but I couldn't get my employment insurance, this changed completely all my plans: I had reserved a place in government to open my business but since I couldn't get the ei, I couldn't get the government sponsorship.

I had contacted a coach before being laid off, but the coach I interviewed happened to be completely different to my expectations so, I decided to go by myself.

I started working in part time jobs, having fun, because I could talk to people and improve my english through retail, however, I'm still awaiting a loan in order to pursue my accounting designation.

Wow, I learned basically that even if you plan something, when something is not for you, is not for you.

I was excited because I had an interview in government, but today I received a response that I was not selected. I was sad but I thought, well, that was not for me. Now that i read my own blogs, I read one where I stated my AHA moment, and read that my purpose is to be my own boss, to have my business and I think, since this comes from my heart, this will be a reality.  Ups and downs co-creators!!  Financially I'm in challenge, because of the job situation, but this, shall pass!

Intention: To open my online business, reduce 10 kilos and continue loving myself!

I opened my website!! Before I struggled with the idea of business combined with spirituality, but now, it makes more sense! I know I'm the whole package. I remember my AHA moment.  I did reduced so far about 8 kilos, doing exercise was just awesome.   

a) To work with my life coach twice a month in order to set up my business

Not fufilled, will work in season 8
b) To do exercise 4 times a week in order to lose 10 kilos

c) To cook more and spend less

d) To finish the book double your income doing what you love

f) To study for my first exam for the CPA in August, 2013

Not fulfilled, will work in season 8
i) To exercise finding love in my life (in and out)

Partially done, will work more in this subject season 8

I manifested in this season:

  • A spiritual centre where I started a prosperity course, that will finish in December!!
  • Exercise support, I met more people and over all, I lost weight
  • I got two part time jobs, my boss is very cute, very different to the past bosses I have had, that is a good sign about my relationship with bosses

Life is good! Life is God!

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