The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 7 Starts on Saturday! Vow of Silence

I am always excited when a new season starting. I am proud that I have keep going for so long. I cant believe it has been more than 600 days. I started when I saw Lilou's videos on youtube. I hung around before I signed up and I am still here. With many falls I keep going. I love how everyone is so supportive. They take the time out to read blogs, comment, and send positive loving energy. This is where I go when I need that a moment or someone else experiance to keep me moving forward.

Tomorrow is my new season. I do not have any plans to be online for the day. My intention will start with just one thing vow of silence. I hope to go within myself and gain some understand of where to take this season and my life. I am doing it for every part of me. The parts I know and the parts I do not know. One day is short, but I am excited about this one day. It has been along time I have been quite in my voice, my fingers (typing, chating, texting), and many others. If anyone wants to join me and keep it going please do. I would love to do this no less than 3x this season.

"Are you quiet or talkative? (My friend loves chatting so much, she even has running conversations with her cat.) Well, one woman decided to stop talking for a whole day and was shocked at what happened next...

One Monday in 1992, writer Anne D. LeClaire decided she wouldn't make a peep all day long. Not to her neighbors. Not to her son. She wouldn't even say "I love you" to her husband. Instead, she would take a break from her hectic lifestyle with a vow of silence.

That morning, she felt nervous. But she soon learned to savor the quiet around her. "Ordinary acts--measuring oats and water, chopping walnuts, scooping out a handful of raisins, stirring oatmeal--were transformed into meditations simply by the attention stillness brought to the tasks," she wrote. "Later, scrubbing out the gummy saucepan, I found unexpected pleasure in this simple job."

Invigorated by the day, Anne made an even bolder decision: Every first and third Monday, she wouldn't say a word. Instead, she would be silent and learn from the world around her. She has written all about her experience--and how it has changed her life over the past seventeen years--in a new book,
Isn't that fascinating? What do you think, dear readers? Are you chatty or naturally quiet? Could you be silent for a whole day? "

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