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Season 8....beginning on Thanksgiving day (11/28/13) and I am thankful :)

So I am beginning my season 8 on a wonderful note! The past 2 seasons have been dedicated to my career, finances, and physical health (with the idea of establishing a social life mixed somewhere in there). And thankfully I have reached a place in my life where I am happy with my job/career...I am in school to help better my opportunities within my career. I now have a job that I absolutely love and is helping me both financially and spiritually because I feel very calm and zen at this place. And I am working on my physical health....going to the gym (at least once a week), I am seeing a skin specialist to help improve my skin,  and I am also going to see a food allergy specialist next week to help me come up with a meal plan based on what food allergies I have.

So with all of those wonderful things going on, I am still struggling to not be slightly bummed out by the fact that I am not in a relationship yet. Within the past year, I have dated a few men but nothing worthwhile...the one man I thought had the potential to be a fit partner for a relationship turned out to be quite the opposite. But since today is thanksgiving, I want to give thanks for the man of my dreams because I know he is out there. And I just want to dedicate the next 100 days to trying to manifest a healthy, affectionate, romantic, fulfilling relationship with a man of substance. I am going to have to make a conscious effort to manifest this because romantic relationships seem to be something I haven't quite figured out how to do.

So I am going to journal, post on this site throughout the 100 days, and work on visualizations and positive affirmations. Any suggestions are welcomed and I thank you in advance for any help with cocreating with me :) XOXO

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Comment by Nikki on February 14, 2014 at 4:54am
Day 79 : Valentine's Day. So this challenge is nearing an end but sadly my pursuit of romance has had a few hiccups. But the beautiful part is I will not be deterred. I am making great strides in my career and educational goals. And am doing ok on my healthy lifestyle makeover. But the guy I was dating recently did not turn out to be the Prince Charming I had hoped for lol But I have decided to let this valentine's day be the last valentine's day where I am by myself. By valentine's day of 2015, I'm going to be in a relationship with the love of my life! I figure it can't hurt to dream and that is what brings love to our lives...daring to dream. So I'm not gonna wallow in self- pity just because it's valentine's day. I'm going to let myself enjoy love today even though I don't have a relationship yet. This day is about celebrating love in our lives no matter what form that comes in. So let the loving begin :)
Comment by Nikki on January 28, 2014 at 5:23pm

Day 62...can't believe the challenge is more than half over! But a lot has happened since the beginning of the challenge. I am almost done with school (last day is March 15th). I'm applying to a doctorate program in December so I have to start prepping for the entrance exam. I'm almost done with my intern hours to get licensed as a therapist. I'm still loving the job I have, although the late schedule (4 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.) is putting a bit of a damper on my social life lol. But I'm grateful for the job nonetheless because I learn something new every day :) As for dating, I have only gone out on one date since I started my challenge but it was an eye opener. I went out with a guy who I was physically attracted to and who said he was looking for a relationship. But, at the beginning of the date, he gives me some line about how he is so busy at work and is looking for "fun" right now. And when I told him that's not what I'm looking for he quickly changed his story (which raised red flags). Then the date consisted of him talking mostly about himself (he actually told me during the date that he is a narcissist which was already obvious based off of the conversation lol). He also told me that he loses interest in a girl if they don't have sex by the 4th date which is putting quite a lot of pressure on me. And then after the date was over, I didn't hear from him for 3 days and then he invited me to come out to his city (an hour away) to play pool for a second date. Normally I would be intrigued because (in the past) I have made the mistake of assuming that I can change someone with such a huge ego. But instead of wasting my time and gas on going on a second date, I politely told him I'm not interested because we are looking for different things. He of course had egotistical responses because how could anyone not want to date him? lol But I was firm in my conviction and even blocked his number because he was starting to border on creepy :/ But why I am so proud of this is because I have FINALLY broken this cycle of dysfunctional relationships and am now even more open and ready for the perfect mate for me. So I'm hoping that this situation brings me one step closer to my future husband :)

Comment by Sunny Days on November 30, 2013 at 1:45pm

Love this! I'm in the same boat. I tend to focus mostly on career, but it's all about balance! Let go of the need and let it happen! As Mary Poppins says; Anything can happen if you let it :)


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