The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 8, Day 65: When California Is On My Mind...

“My first day in Chicago, September 4, 1983. I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here.”

- Oprah Gail Winfrey -


So here it is, when preparation finally meets opportunity. My burning desire to move to California has finally brought an opportunity to fruition. An opportunity I am willing to sacrifice all in order to take. On July 17, 2011 I will set foot in New York City, it is there that I will have my audition, an audition that will either make me or break me. An audition that WILL make me. I will go to this audition and based on my performance I will be heading to CALIFORNIA! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I have sent my intentions out to the universe for so long and now I am finally getting answers. I will not let this slip through my fingers. California is my LIFE, it is my DESTINY. I can just sense it in my body, something is waiting for me in California. New experiences, a new life, a new me. I will be attending the American Musical Dramatic Academy for the 2 year acting conservatory. This is my moment, and I am going to own it. I have to be serious about this and I have to put my 100% focus on this. ENERGY GOES WHERE ATTENTION FLOWS. So if I can put my 100% focus on this, then I will get 100% the energy. The universe will line me up and propel me into California. This is it! This is finally it!!! 

Four more months, dear California <3 


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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on July 6, 2011 at 9:52am
Wow congratulations on your big step here!

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