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This is a historic day in my life. A life changing event, a life changing manifestation. Since the spring, when I quit my old job and started my new one, I have been travelling back and forth to New York, usually for two weeks at a time. I had only been at my own normal home about half the time in my life. I started this morning trying to visualize just coming in to my office one week at a time. I had expressed to my boss that I was interested in moving to New York eventually, but I really had to save money for the move and to save for a house.

Well in the morning, my boss approached me about this topic. I told him I want to move up, but I needed to really save my money first. He then told me that the company would cover all my moving costs so that I could come up even quicker! This happened so quickly, I couldn't believe it! I then started looking into places, and found that the cost to rent some houses around here was even cheaper than their apartments! I love my home in Alabama and I will miss it dearly, but this will be an exciting new stage in my life! My boss ended up telling my father, who runs the company, and he was in a complete state of shock! I was planning to surprise them myself, but this made for a very happy and interesting conversation. Now as I was typing this, I just told my mom the news. She was so happy that she started crying.

This is going to be great. Now I will get to take advantage of all the cultural activities in New York. I plan to go into Manhattan often and do a lot of fun things. This is going to be a great new change in my life.

Also I have been doing better building my spirit and soul with integrity. I got myself up early AGAIN to work out, despite how hard it is. I am growing stronger and strong.. and now that an end is in sight for all this constant travelling, I feel such a relief!

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Comment by Steffie Kay on January 14, 2011 at 2:38pm


thats freakin awesome why I was taking my visualization board kinda serious you know....i wanna be sure I REALLY want all the stuff thats on are inspiring prince david!!

Comment by Shaman Kanowa on January 14, 2011 at 12:46pm
Looking back at this post.... This picture actually reminds me so much of the dream house I found... It is large, old, and has so much acreage! In fact the dream house I found is even better since it is larger than this and has gardens everywhere.
Comment by Shaman Kanowa on November 17, 2010 at 1:06pm
Haha thanks for all the celebration ;) I got up early again for a 3rd day in a row today, and this time actually felt my fat being burned.
Comment by Shaman Kanowa on November 17, 2010 at 9:53am
Thanks for all the support everyone! The pieces are all starting to fit into place perfectly, at an alarming pace. We all need to learn to trust in the Universe. Even with this good news there were times I was getting worried about the increase cost of living I will experience and the hassles of moving, then I realized, just relax and let the Universe take over, a way will make itself clear! I am so happy and excited about this new stage in my life.
Comment by Nicole Bedard on November 16, 2010 at 8:05pm
WOW You are such a powerful manifestor David, you really and truly are. First the huge money manifestation and now you're moving to a place that you love and like being- expenses to your company!!! This is quite a shock- and I am so beyond happy for you. This is so incredible, WOW! Look at you go!!!!


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