The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 8 failed but I'm still alive. :-)

A lot has been going on in my life and I've neglected my season so I declare it over. I will resume it in a week or two but for now it's time to regroup.


Things have been going pretty great lately but I have had some ups and downs. The biggest things for me have been adding my artwork to to be sold and putting some of my meditations up on YouTube. I'll update again later with links so you can check them out.


<3's all around. Hope you are all doing well.

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Comment by Jill on February 8, 2011 at 6:04pm

Hey there you are. So etsy is where you are hanging. I looked for the link on your page and nada...nothing...can't find a thing there.

Funny that you should mention 3's all around. I was just calculating a moment ago how many more free listings I had for ebay. I listed 67 and ebay will let me do 100 this month free. As I calculated I wrote the answer on my paper to keep track...yup 33 more to go. I'm taking a late lunch break and I'm making a list of to-do's.

I have to get my butt out there in to the sunroom and clean up the mess my hubby and son left me.

Did I hear you are starting over. Yes I hope that is what I heard...Don't declare it over. Remember this neglected  part of the 100 days has a meaning. It may mean that you need to be committed..giggle...oh my that sounded funny giggle...not to a hospital...but to a cause giggle. Just take a quite time and reflect on the "a lot has been going on in my life" and go from there. No sense in throwing it all away.

I do realize what you are saying about the neglect. I was having a hard time keeping up with my blogs. I am getting better at it and now I have that "better" to show for my efforts. IT's all part of the Universal Game huh.

Peace and I just know you are doing well, especially if the 3's are showing up.

Comment by Living my authentic life! on February 8, 2011 at 3:31pm
I love the way you just declared your season over!  I never thought of doing that, but just might as things are going pathetically poor right now!  Thanks for being so inventive!

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