The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today is an amazing day!! I found my beautiful part time job :D in a good company in the city in my area, and I`m absolutely thrilled with that idea! This job will put to work my talents, skills, and besides it will give me the opportunity to study for my CPA and plan my biz draft.

I have been struggling since June in regards to jobs, lack of money etc.  I can say that after 4 months without a serious job (because I did work in less meaningful jobs), I give the value to many things: making a better planning of my life, having the people that supports me in my endeavors, getting rid of people is not supporting me, read more about prosperity, watch more videos of prosperity etc!

Season 8 is of changes!! I learned important lessons and now, I`m planning better what I will do with my future.

It has been very helpful to be part of a spiritual community like Unity! I found one in my city after reading Catherine Ponder books, I felt in love of her teachings and I`m learning now more things of it.  I feel I`m in the right place!

My body feels exhausted though, I had so much stress in the last months that now, I just want to feel in peace and quiet!

Life is good co-creators!! My life is starting a new phanse!

Life is God 

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