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hi there

it's morning here. i was just too exhausted last night to post anything in the journal. yesterday was kinda chaotic. for some ups yesterday in regards to my goals: I started to eat in lieu of what i see myself regularly buying and eating when i'm in new york city, so used my imagination; i exercised a lot last night which felt good and keeps me strong. those are both good for the focusing on my primary physiological needs. i also did interact with my fans yesterday which was good!

for some downs yesterday, I didn't really do anything to move myself to NYC, to find a job there, to find an apartment there, to compose a new album of music, and i got into another fight with my mom which was not so good, not saying yes to life, it was good in a sense that I didn't hold back speaking my mind, but our relationship is, well I'd wish that it were different.

i'm not sure if I had any insights yesterday about things, I just felt really frustrated again about my position in life, I feel like today will open up all the possibilities and I will find myself actually doing things towards the end I'm looking for.

for wins, I think it was that I just allowed myself to get some deep rest after a long week of chaos and work, that felt really good.

that's all for now, I plan on taking some action towards my goals today.



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