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what's happening? i'm pretty excited about life right now. figuring some stuff out. commuted to work on my new moped today, it was exhilarating, feeling really good! so I have a good potentiality that happen that I'd like to share!

I received amazing praise and good vibes from a co-worker today who really wants me to succeed in my dream. she mentioned that her friends in Brooklyn are moving out, they live on the same street as one of my good friends, and I casually asked if they are looking for someone to take their place. so now I have a phone interview with the woman who lives there who is looking for a new roommate. it feels really good! let's see what happens! I also realized that in order to live in this apartment comfortably, I need to get a job where I make $20/hour. I really want this to happen! It is done! I am letting the universe conspire to make this whole thing happen. I am reallllly excited. it's right in the area that I want to be located! ahhh, and it always works out well when I move into a place with a friend or have a reference to a friend of a friend who will eventually become good friends. so i'm excited and I'm staying grounded. I will call her when I get home from work, after a wonderful ride through the mountains on my bike. good times!

that's the biggest up for now, oh yah! I'm also getting really excited to write and record some new music, and I've gotten back into the habit of taking myself out for artist dates to fill my artistic well, so I'm definitely going to a concert this week. and I get to book my flight to California for the summer very soon, so excited about that!

another up was last night I spent a bunch of time before going to sleep meditating and imagining what my new job will be like in NYC and it also was feeling really good, I talked about it out loud and felt my way through everything. It feels so good to have created this space for my self to co-create.

let's see, for downs, I'm feeling the pulls of doubt challenging me a little bit, but I'm just going to keep fighting for my faith in the universe and allowing, I don't even need to fight, I just need to relax and keep breathing. I know really great things are on their way for me.

that's all for now. i'm just stoked on life and happy with whatever happens. i'll learn from it.



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