The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have realized that I am passed the point of no return in my mind. There are different trips to NYC for tourists and things from my area. I am not too interested in them now. I am so much more interested in putting myself there. In being there. The recent events have really pushed me to get really clear and focus on exactly what I want there. I have made lists of wants, maybe wants and don't wants to get clear about the job I will attract into my life, as well as regarding the apartment that I will live. just general things, some specific, some areas, and so on. vibes. now I will heed the advice of some information I found in the forums online in regards to moving:

  • "Start packing your bags, getting rid of stuff you don't want, making arrangements for traveling etc..."
  • spend some time just feeling good vibes about living there, and imagining.
  • reflecting on Ask and it is given faith.
  • "Congratulations on setting your intentions.  I have found that setting a date isn't always the most effective way to get what you want.  The reason I say this is as we get closer to that date we start to get anxious, nervous etc.  Take the advice given and know that when the time is right you will move.  We are always given what we ask for."

Tonight I want to do this stuff. act as if it is happening now.

I also found this resource for finding a new job, which is another one of my goals:

And this forum for moving into a new apartment:

everything is coming together.

so grateful.


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