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just reflecting on my goals today. i've been writing massive to do lists for manifesting my goals. big fan of to do lists now. even if some of the things are meditation or just being, writing feels really good. right now I am focusing on my first three intentions for my to do lists, not really worried about the order of things. i have two pages of ideas and things to do to move myself forward on my goals. my first three goals are:

I intend to move to New York City for the long term.

I intend to start working a new job in New York City that pays me well so I can live comfortably.

I intend to secure a room in an apartment in Greenpoint to live.

My other goals I am making motions towards as well, but do not have specific to do lists for them at this point. I would like to as well. Last night, I spoke with my sister who mentioned that it's important for me to apply to jobs while I am currently employed as there is an even different response from employers in terms of reputation and such. It was really important for me to hear that because I have just been putting everything off until I move because I wanted the whole reputation thing to look better, but in deeper reality it feels good to start speaking my truth about my intentions of finding new employment in NYC.

yesterday when someone was talking about the storm, I mentioned that I wasn't in the area when the tornado hit last time because I was in New York at the time, which was true, and I had this giddy feeling of what it will be like to say that in the future. ahhhh sweet world

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