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Here are my reflectiosn upon season 9. Even though I did great manifesting the house of my dreams so quickly, it was a really crazy season! Yeah huge manifestation, but I did not handle everything as well as I woul have lked, so I am going to reflect upon this and begin my new season.  Below are my goals from last season, I will write what i thought of each of them. 


1. Buy my dream home- This is going to happen. I know it's going to happen and I am going to make it come true this season. I am going to buy the house of my dreams, one I will spend many years to come that will keep me happy and excited. This will stabilize my life and serve as a foundation for my spiritual evolution.

 This happened! I bought my dream home! I can't even go into how crazy this was, but a situation came up that made me act quickly, so I did... and now the house is mine! I just need to finish signign the papers! Season of the House was definately a success in this respect. 

2. Change the world with a new version of my current product- I have been working hard on my software, and for the next week I am going to work even harder to have it finished in demo/Beta form by next weekend. I am going to test it like crazy, make it solid, and impress the whole world with it.

Well I am still working on this. Been 100 days already? Still going well, been adding new features, making it more solid.


3.  Significantly increase my income- I am coming up on one year at my job. I powerfully intend to get a handsome raise, which will be most deserving with all I will be doing for the company with this new product.

Well I will be getting a raise soon, havent heard when but it's coming.


4. Experience life again with the excitement of a child- Simple enough. Enjoy life, take everything in as fresh. This is a new beginning.

I have lost touch with this... but I am going to continue this next season.


5. Raise my spiritual awareness- Get more in touch with the spiritual world through Shamanic Meditations. Give OBE's a try. Follow my spiritual path and see where it takes me

Didn't have any OBEs but my Shamanic meditations went amazing, and I know they lead to me getting my house.  

6. Form harmonious relationships with the people who matter most- I want to be able to get myself on the same energy wavelength with the people who matter most to me.. I want to lift them up and evolve and grow together. 

by the end of this season, I would say this has been a success


7. Stay healthy- Weigh myself everyday, work out as much as I can, eat less and enjoy everything I do eat

I did very well with this in the beginning. Lost a bunch of weight, but gained some back. Still lost 5 or 6 poudns net loss. 


8. Stay happy- Have fun with my companion, explore my hobbies, enjoy all that life has to offer

I didn't do enough of this, although starting to get more into my interests now. Ended up going to new york city for the pokemon premier, and that was incredible!


9. Stay positive- Keep track of goals with "Goal for It" and "Remember the Milk", blog everyday on CCOR, listen/read Esther Hicks & Louise Hay, get into the Vortex to evolve into the next level!

I was knocked out of the vortex this season a lot, didn't really keep up with CCOR but did still do more esther and louise. 

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Comment by Rebecca Lee on June 10, 2011 at 12:56pm
This is a  very intrestig post, its great to read something like thius, it shows how ell and how you have completed things and even how things are still getting better. Iam very happy for you  for having your dream house, its intresting and brave of you to know when to make the right choices, mine i think i tend to forget what the signs are telling me. I think the signs are there but we or at least me for sure can mis understand them, therefore i am still in same place io was yesterday because i did not taking the path offered to me as i was afraid where it would take me and what problems ist may arise. I make the problems before there are problems maybe, therefore i then become too afraid of the chance too quickly before i know its the right thing to do In other words my soul is telling mbut my mind is over powerin me, so i then fear it is my soul speaking not my mind and i am not taking the chance. Sorry i hope this makes sense and i have not confused you. Thankyou again for this post, it is lovely to read. May all your dreams continue to come true, take care, Rebecca xx
Comment by Shaman Kanowa on June 8, 2011 at 4:39pm
Thanks! Yeah i ended up getting my house which was huge! Especially after being so heavily in debt just months ago
Comment by Sunny Days on June 8, 2011 at 2:55pm
It seems you are living in alignment with your greatest joy! I loved reading this post it was very inspirational. thank you!!


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