The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season one , day 61. Allowing more money.

I'm attracting so many good things in my life I 'm very grateful to b myself. The only thing I am blocking , and blocking big time is money.

My situation is totally out of the ordinnary. I always end up doing what I want to be doing or where I want to be going , not because I attract more money , because I attract help through other people!

So I watch Brad Yates and his tapping. The first video I watched thanks to an awesome co creator worked for me and released some emotional issues.

This is the one about attracting more money :

The first time I watched it it did not work , the video could not load . Then I got the urge to check my bank account online and saw how bad it was , I was devastated.

I tried the video again. It worked straight away.

In this video he shows you a bunch of notes and you're supposed to identify your feelings for them.

I felt NOTHING. Like for me it was just paper and that's it.

No resentment , no joy , NOTHING. Like it was just an energy replacement for something more powerful. Placebo.

I felt he was saying some truth during the video, how I was blocking money because I did not believe in myself but most of the time I felt

'' I DON T CARE ABOUT MONEY, I always get what I want anyway. There is nothing to heal, money is not important, my dreams are coming to me anyway ''

WHAT? Is that what I really feel about money? Hang on. Why do I feel this resentment when I don't have it then? Why do I feel so devastated when I see my bank account? Something does not add up here. There is an inner conflict. Between what I was brought up to think about money and its overpowering presence i our lives I come from middle class family who is socialist and resent rich people but never had debts and always paid all the bills like respectful citizens.

Surface thought : Desperate need for money . resentment, feeling it's unfair , unable to receive with joy.

Deep thought ( the one that creates my reality) : Money is not important. What I want out of it is what matters and I always end up having what I truly desire anyway, it's the law of attraction!

Talk about conflicting thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We live in a world of money

Time for me to watch it a third time and see what feelings come out of it.

The video got stuck half way through I guess I need to write my feelings so far.

I still felt nothing when I saw the bunch of notes .

I deeply do not understand the need for money when we have the LOA working for us. I se money as a fake substitute for something way more powrful that people do not understand: The Universe.

Why would we need money when we can attract exactly what ever we want?

What was the need of ever creating money? I deeply think it is a waste of energy.

We are all powerful creators, why would we need something to help us create?

We don't need money , we don't !!!! It s a placebo !

I can feel that that is what I truly feel so far watching the video again. Let's watch the last bit.

'' Clearing the fear that it is not spiritual to have money. Because Spirit is abundant''

I feel so angry listening to that. We are abundant in Nature. Why would be need money for that? It's a useless tool that weakens our real natural power! I resent money for existing! It created the ego , it created fake power. Exchange of energy would make the world better! I hate money!

'' Your abundance can benefit so many other people, thank you for allowing it. ''

Why is abundance linked to money? It's superficial tool. We are creators. We don't need that to create !!!!

Right. My deep thought is now clear and spotted. Something in me ( and I feel it dates back from long long ago) cannot comrehend the need for money in our society. It weakens our natural power and drives us away from who we really are. A past life of issues with too much money maybe?

So my condtionned thinking resents the world for NOT having it but my deeper thought resents money for existing.

Hence the quite interesting cocktail of things happening in my Life at the moment!

Yesterday my manager asks my boss ( and best friend whom I had a fight with) to give me an advanced wages so I can pay my editor, my phone bill and food for this week. I look at my bank account last night and he had only sent one week's wages , which does not cover all my bills. Last week I was not paid ( and was not warned) because I finally got in the books ( paid a week behind)

Maybe I will get paid my extra hours that will cover it all. I never asked , in 4 years , to be paid extra hours or even for an advanced wage. The only answer I get is no money and silence.

Yes, I still resent him. A lot. More and more.... And guess what? I was asked to organise his birthday party! As he is my best friend I organise a party for him every year. There was no way I wanted to do that this year.

The Universe is telling me that there is no need to resent him. I should celebrate him instead because he is not the real source of my inner conflict. He sure is not......

Also, I wanted to be healthy again and eat a variety of things but obviously could not afford it. I was hoping and hoping for more money. My friend came to me saying she needed support and motivation to lose weight and asked me if I wanted to do it all with her. Since then she decided to buy all the healthy stuff ( we would split the cost) and cook for m everynight and invite other people sometimes too. We started yesterday and this is so awesome to eat all together. That is the real community Life I ve always wanted to live in a hostel! We all help each other out!

I wanted to do another hair colour because I thought this on was a bit dark. Yesterday another friend from the hostel shows up with a hair colour and went. '' I don't lik you current hair color Annabelle, sit down now!'' . She got me exactly what I wanted to buy and she had no idea I wanted to buy it. It made me feel recognised and cared for.

That is pretty powerful.

I always wanted to write an article in a backpackers' magazine because I know I'm a good travel writer. Getting published would be awsome and bring me the money I need to travel!

Yesterday my manager was panicking because she was supposed to get a review from our hostel from a customer who never sent it. We had been picked to be published in backpacks magazine but there was no one to write the review. Of course she asked me to do it.

I produced the most awesome article on my favourite hostel ever in half an hour. It was not under my name and was not paid either. So defo not my job yet... Everybody loved it and thought I was an amazing writer. It made me so happy....

I , somehow still attract my dreams to me without having any money ( the root of my thoughts of not needing money because we are powerful natural creators ) but I struggle SO MUCH that it's really worth changing this one thought .......

'' Money is a placebo to our actual natural power as Spiritual beings''

Let 's try to find a suitable thought replacement for that

'' Money IS the representation of our Spiritual Power as human beings. And I am VERY powerful ''

Yes, that one resonates with me, definitely.

I'll be using it from today.

Now, What did YOU get out of the video? Write your new thought about money as a comment so we can all help each other be positive about it!

Love , always,


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