The 100 Day Reality Challenge

1) I see myself as a peaceful, loving, and balanced parent, focused on spiritual education and well-being, accepting of myself and my daughter more and more each day.


Affirmation "Being a single Baha'i parent is easy for me now. My daughter and I have a strong, healthy, and loving relationship."


2) I see myself embracing the condition of pure health that I deserve. I see myself observing my eating habits and health and easily accepting an increasingly higher condition of health. I see myself blogging about what I learn and investigating with a "reporter's" view into The Right Food for me.


Affirmation "I am now easily aware of The Righ Foods for me and eat them daily."


3) I see myself continuing to work in the fields that I love, enjoying prosperity, and giving generously to myself, my friends and family, and my community.


Affirmation "I am grateful for the abundance surrounding me and use the resources available to me for the betterment of the world around me."


Beginning December 28th - going to April 10th.

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