The 100 Day Reality Challenge

season1, day 33. Thank you universe

I woke up quite dreamy and could not stop thinking about dreams I had,they were so interesting and nice, then one girl called me , a friend who I met month ago and we kept hanging around since then. She told me she is sorry I could not come with her on Saturday that everyone missed my positive energy and my smile. Than another girl also contact me ( girlfriend from one of my closes friends) just to tell me she is happy to know me, that every time she is with me she has great time filled with laughter!I and all of that started on Saturday when one of the boys I know told me every time he sees me his day passes great because of energy I have and hugs and smiles I share. I NEVER thought I could and that I would have the one who has so much impact on someone. I'm so HAPPY because of that! I made someones day/night better!!!!



thank you for nice dreams, thank you for great morning and please let the rest of the day be also great like that!!!

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