The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Seen Seven Pounds today, got me thinking..

The hole day I spent with my wonderful boyfriend. He always makes me laugh, I had a super day, cosy and snowy!

Later we watch the movie Seven Pounds and I just fell apart, I couldn't stop crying! Such a beautiful movie. The people in that movie like Ezra (played by Woody Harrelsson) is just, ah, wonderful person. And it just gives me such warm feeling. So great acting by all of the cast.

There are some sad thing happening on my boyfriends side of the family, some really bad. And I just pray and hope and sending out positive thoughts that person! And just trying to be a good support to my boyfriend Oskar. Sadly but I have to keep on with and positive attitude and just focus that everything is going to be ok.

Allthough I am just greatful for everything, the life I have with him that my familymembers are doing great, that my friends really loves and cares for me. Well I can go on all night I am..just..grateful...

Goodnight for now.

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