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Self Love ~ Choose to Love Yourself Today and Everyday :)

Why am I so darn happy? 
Because it's one of the best days of the year today - 
Madly in Love with ME™ Day, the international day of self-love. 

Did you wake up and start your day with a hug and an "I love you." 
Did you tell your body that you loved him or her this morning? 
Have you stopped to consider how completely fabulous you are? 

It's okay - no matter how much or how little you have loved yourself today, 
The day is still young. 
And here I am in your email box like the Santa Claus of Self-Love... with inspiring love-filled gifts. 

Not only are we going to make this day a day you feel loved beyond measure, 
But I am going to share with you three ways you can use this super-powered day to ensure you show up all year long as the very best friend you can for yourself. 

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you'll ever have, after all. 

So how about we make it even better this year? 

More kindness, less judgment. 
More fun, less perfectionism. 
More love-filled, happy relationships, less drama and difficult people.
More of your dreams coming true, less settling. 
More happiness today, less waiting for the day 'when'... 

Self-love is not about a pampering day at the spa (although that can be nice) 
Self-love is about empowering yourself to be, love and live your life to the fullest - so much so that you feel loved 24/7 and because of that overflow of love, you can love others even more (good thing Feb 14th is tomorrow, you'll be ready to share love big time!) 

From my heart to yours this February 13th - here are three easy, yet daring and powerful steps to falling in love... with yourself and becoming the best friend of your life, starting today 

1. Choose Self Love in 2012 - Where do you need more self-love mojo this year? 

Self-love includes a lot - self-compassion, self-pleasure, self-esteem, self-empowerment, and more. The question is where are you already doing a great job loving yourself and where do you need more self-love this year? I just released a brand new teaching called the "Self Love Tree" that helps you see the 10 branches of self-love and identify which one needs nurturing, growth and love in the coming year. I videotaped a short talk and visualization that will connect you with your own Self Love Tree to find where you want to amp up your self-love mojo. 


This is a private video, only people in my Love tribe (that includes you) or that were at the event are receiving it. 

Go here to see the video: 
Password: selflove 

2. Make a 2012 Self Love Promise. 

I taped this video last weekend in Los Angeles where I led over 300 people through creating a self-love promise to themselves based on whatever branch of self-love they were up for strengthening and growing this year. Your second step, which I talk about in the video will be to create a self-love promise to yourself. To learn more about creating self-love promises, you can check out the Self Love Kit and the guidebook inside it at

A few quick notes - 
  • Self Love promises always start with "I promise ... " or "I vow..."
  • They are always love-based, not shame or fear based. Never "I promise to lose weight" instead "I promise to take care of my body as the temple she is."
  • You must write the promise down where you can see it ( I recommend two places - one on your bathroom mirror in lipstick or eyeliner just for Feb and two on a card or in your journal so you can refer back to it). And you must also say it out loud (watch the video and you can say yours out loud with all of us.)

3. Keep that Self Love Promise all year. 

This promise serves as an anchor point to love for you. It's not about being perfect or getting it right. And for sure not about beating yourself up if you fail to keep it. Be compassionate with yourself. Do the best you can. And when you falter, just come back to the promise that you made on this powerful day of self-love. (Tip, share the promise with a friend, so s/he can support you to keep it!)

 - To lock this promise into your psyche, for the next 40 days (thru March 24th) when you awake in the morning, open and close your eyes and say the promise to yourself a few times. How you start your day is how you live your day. And if you can do anything for 40 days, you can make a big shift. 

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Comment by Love on February 14, 2012 at 8:15pm

I am awesome just as I am

I am a loving person who is divinely lead by love

I am putting the pennies into what matters most to me

I give myself the love I am seeking and know I am loved for who I am

I am taking the wheel of my destiny

I can do anything I truly set my mind to

I can be the silly crazy girl I was born to be

I honour myself deeply

I live a joyfilled life

My body is a temple and it is healthy and strong ~ body mind and soul

I am a giving and receiving vessel

I promise to really grow this branch by doing the daniel plan, eating right and feeling great and running and doing beach body tapes, drinking water, taking vitamins, journaling, eating clean whole foods and being free to be me ~ body, mind and soul  girl!!!!!!!!!

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