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Hello Co-creators!
Recently the Universe sent me another lesson in self-worth, and I think I did better than before;)
They say you have to do the homework again if you didn't do it before.
I guess the Universe knocked on my door with this lesson again.

What is self worth and self respect for me?
It means a lot to me. Throughout my life I have had several lessons in self worth, and here are some general conclusions triggered by what happened recently
Self respect is
respecting my own time
respecting my own body
respecting my goals and aims, and being consistent
respecting my feelings and emotions
respecting my values
respecting my family
respecting my friends and my home
it is taking care of the NUMBER ONE
it is pampering my body
it is speaking to myself nicely
it is thinking good thoughts about myself and others
choosing to create my reality
not being a victim
focusing on myself and self-development

Two years ago I met T. ( perhaps I created him in my reality). I fell in love. He did not. We had wonderful sex together, several times.
He lied to me, as it turned out later, he had a girlfriend, there were many lies.....over the past two years he contacted me many times, he sends me messages, he calls me, he wants to visit me, he wants to meet me, he wants to have sex with me. He lied to me many times, when we are about to meet, he cancells the date, when he is to call he doesn't call, when he is to write back, he doesn't, whenever he feels we are too close together, he runs away, maybe he is afraid to be close together, maybe he is afraid of responsibilities? He contacted me again 2 weeks ago. I did not reply. He contacted me on Christmas Day, wishing me all the best I replied with nice wishes, and here he started again, that he changed, that he is different now, that he misses me, that he regrets.....and then the same happened, he did not call, he did not show up, and he did not reply......I am really confused, each time he does the same, it really brings me down.............although the temptation of meeting him is great, I have decided to respect myself and my time, and deliberately tell him what I want, and cut off the 2 year-old ties. this event made me reflect on what self-worth is. I am not sorry for myself, I am not a victim- I know I take responsibility for what happened, and i think thisi is what I created in my life. So I am grateful to T. for the lessons he has been teaching me, and now that I undestand I LOVINGLY LET HIM GO, I thank the Universe for this lesson!
I do not feel depressed anymore, for I know that this is my responsibility. I feel better now, I feel grateful and I expect the best in my life for I am worth it;)
I wish every Creator a beautiful evening;)

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