The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Session 1 completed - Reflection & updates on my goals

Day 100 ended last month but I didn't have time to log into CCOR.

1. I weigh 150 # and wear any style of clothes and look great!
This is a work in process goal. I realized that I am self-sabotaging myself when I reach 185#. I'm working out exercise DVDs and continue to be aware of my eating habits. I did lose 9 lbs since the 100 days.

2. Live in an organized, clean, clutter free, stylish home.
This is a work in process goal. I’ve read 'Messies Manual' by Sandra Felton and have started boxing my 'overflows,' I need to label everything (which I haven't done, yet).

3. Live in my dream home with a master suite, walk-in closet & bath
I have hired an architecture and they have given several plans to me. They are waiting for my decision on the placement of shower fixtures. I studied Feng-Shui and I don't want any plumbing on the wall next to the bedroom as that is the wall where the headboard is against. I also need to find the $$ to finance this project.

4. Excel at work and get a promotion by 2010.
At work, I was chosen to work on a 'work stream' initiative. I'm not sure if that will lead to a promotion? I'm not sure why I was selected. The nice thing about this initiative is that I teleconference with colleagues from the UK. I really enjoy their accents!

5. Receive an annual income of $1 million.
I haven't received any new income, yet.

6. Own the most profitable electric construction company in SF.
This year our annual gross went down 30% (due to the current economy). Working on getting more business, which seems to be turning starting this month! We have several new projects starting.

7. Own and visit our family dream house in Hawaii annually for1 wk.
I will not working on this goal until we get new income and become the most profitable electric company in SF.

8. My family and I enjoy & excel at playing all musical instruments.
We received a 'junk' piano this year. This was a good thing because I've asked for the 'good' piano to be moved upstairs to the living room. DH refused, but he accepts a 'junk' piano from customers and placed it into the living room. Now, I can negotiate to have the 'good' piano move upstairs and junk the 'junk' piano. DS enjoys practicing his piano in the LR instead of downstairs in the family room as he would be down there by himself. Since we received the 'junk' piano, DS has improved on playing the piano (eventhough he is practicing on a piano with several broken keys!!).

9. My family and I are physically fit and excel at all sports.
DS plays soccer and he's good at it! I'm sad to say that I didn't expect him to be very good at sports and that is why I had this goal. At soccer, he is a very good goalie. He can kick the ball high, over everyone's head and he is not afraid to pick-up the ball when everyone is trying to kick it.

10. I have a committed relationship with myself to fulfill everything I desire.
I'm continuing to work on this!

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