The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It takes half if not most of our life to figure out who we are. Then once we get there time is almost gone. We spend our whole life searching for who we are. Whats to say we aren’t who we are already. If your not you then who the heck are you. From an organic point of view no person in the world has had the exact same situations in life you have had. So there for they can never and I mean never be you. You are the only copy it begins and ends with you. So you ask who am i. You are the result of all the things you have been exposed to. During childhood the choices are made by the people who are matured and seem to have the knowledge to teach and control the outcome. But that’s not who you are. They haven’t seen what you have, not everything, that is unique to just you. No one else can possibly have seen what you have seen. Therefore you have already become who you are. You are there right now you are who you are. Right now. As for tomorrow another million things that will happen shape who you are tomorrow. Once again only you see those things, yes you share it with another, but that’s it, they experience it completely different. So to be judgemental, to be bias to be envious to be jealous  is greedy, you already have everything you need within yourself. It all begins and ends with you. To perceive what you perceive. You are welcome to share it with others, but to share it means you give. And if everyone gave then we would never need to take. Because someone will give you something new. You may not have it already, but then you, Maybe that the point will To share. If we already have everything within that makes us who we are, then if the constant stuggle to to find who we are is present, readjust that frame of mind and commit to sharing, the growth opportunity in sharing is a thousand times bigger then being focased on finding who you are. In all honesty if it take a life to figure out that you are what you perceive then you don’t have any time left to share it with others and expand, that’s what we really want is to expand. It’s the law of nature ever expanding.

So to grow and expand you need to share everything. Every human being needs to share. Don’t worry about having nothing left. You have everything already who you are is who you are no one can take that away from you. It cant be taken, particularly if you share it, because then you will find things out there you may have lost and in the sharing you will pick it up again. If you cut off the world then nothing gets in or and out. But the tragedy is you will forever be the same, you will grow only little bits. Spread your wings and share yourself.

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