The 100 Day Reality Challenge

SieRRa 1ne ~ DaY FiFty 1 (New Years EvE)

The end of 2009 is nigh......wooooohoooooooo.....people i say my fellow people it is not the way we party or how we party it is that we enjoy and share and laugh and love and laugh and love and did I say LAUGH and have the bestest mostest excellentest AWESOMEST wooooooHoooooo est ( oks oks I know thats a bit tooooooooooo much 'est' added there LMAO....aaaah come on LIFE IS JUST BEE U TI FUL....oh yeah.....LOVE oh LOVE....LOVE is the BEST....Love for the UNIVERSE and all that is within it .......I just wanna SCREAM.....but I dont thing my words would be loud enough....oks here goes AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE LIFE!!!!

So how was that.......hmmmm....I see what you mean...well perhaps if I could have enlarged the letters it would have given a better effect...its CoooL though. So here I am ...Day 51...... I just saw Planet 51 with my niece and OMG she laughed like ....aren't they just the bestest.....(of course others neways so its NEW YEARS EVE...the end of 2009.....the last day of 51st day on season 1....and I'm back feeling better than ever.....its all about LOVING LOVE & LIVING LIFE ...its about lots of things but 2010 is ALL ME....also U too (but in your own blog ;o)))))))))))))))) lol ))))))))))))))))

I am off to enjoy this beautiful day and reflect on all the wonderful special people that crossed my life in 2009 and send our good vibrations to them all and ofcourse ALL YOU CCOR's

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day. 'Start writing everyone, just remember, there is someone who will always be looking up to you as a role model. Positive thinking and positive vibes brings an and aura that no one can describe or ignore....... I LOVE YOU ALL , a VERY HAPPY EXCITING MAGICAL NEW YEARS to YOU ALL & YOUR FAMILIES

Later Av, see ya in 2010

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