The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Slowly the awareness grows that the Light shines on the inside…

May 1st is the first day of season three for me.
In the first and second season I have succeeded in becoming more and more aware of the fact that happiness is a choice and wealth is a state of mind.
These are no longer phrases I read in spiritual books but they have become reality for me in my everyday life.
One of the opening sentences that Abraham uses at their workshops is “Are you enjoying the contrast?”
I am learning to understand this concept better day by day.
I am learning that from contrast desire is born.
I understand more clearly that experiencing contrast is necessary for me to take step one of the creative process which is asking.
Immediately the Universe takes step 2 which is providing - Ask and it is given!
The abundance in which the Universe provides is related to the eagerness with which the asking is done.
Step three is the hardest part, it is allowing for that which is given to actually manifest in my life.
In order to be in a state of allowing I have to be in alignment with Source.
The Universe provides a very helpful tool that tells me whether I am in alignment or not: the emotional guidance scale. And once I am getting in the proximity of my vibrational escrow the Universe sends helpful people, circumstances, intuitive thoughts, coincidences and synchronicities my way.
It is my job to recognize them as such and make use of them.
This is my main intention for this upcoming season, to be more aware of the signals from the Universe.

I wish that all of you who are starting with me on May 1st, may have a very joyious, juicy and prosperous season.

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Comment by Nikola on May 3, 2009 at 10:58am
Hi Emha,

You've got all these things swirling in you're vortex, when you come close 2 it, you'll get your signs.

So just follow the signs, and get into the vortex :-)

I wish you happy step3ing

Love, Niko
Comment by crystalspirit on May 1, 2009 at 5:09am
Wishing you an amazing season 3, dear Emha! May you be in alignment with Source~*

xoxoxo Mascha

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